In March 2017 I suddenly got the bug to try something different and challenging. Although I had always been intrigued with modeling in a larger scale, that usually meant modeling outdoors, something that did not interest me. However, once I decided that I was not really going to advance my main On30 layout any farther (been there, done that), I started exploring the opportunity to build a G (1:24) scale railroad in the same area. I will still continue to model in the On30 scale (the logging line and modules), but now I have set my sights on a 1:24 scale narrow gauge mining railroad somewhere along the southwestern border. Bombasium (an ore used by politicians to amplify their credentials and promises) is being used now more than ever, and the push to get it out of the ground has become more important than at any other time in our history. The following images will track my progress as I explore layout ideas (via Sketchup) and start construction of this BIG, GLORIOUS, STUPENDOUS ADVENTURE - IT'S GOING TO BE GREAT, TRUST ME (sorry......bombasium side effects). I hope you check in from time to time to see the progress. Click and photo for the enlargement.