The Never Done and Always Changing On30 (plus G) Model Railroad is not based on any prototype, and is not intended to represent any specific railroad operation. Basically, I just build what I like and move forward with the "if I like it, it is good enough" attitude. 

The few images on this page demonstrate the different interests I have in  modeling the many facets of railroading. Whether it be logging, mining, mountain scenery, small towns, large cities, or down by the wharf, I love it all. I even dabble insome sci-fi 1:35 scale models now and then. And, as of March 2017 I have expanded my modeling interest to "G", 1:24 scale. To paraphrase what someone once said: "Too many things to model, and not enough time."

I am always inspired by other modelers that share their work, so I hope you find some inspiration in these pages.

I will be adding new pictures and videos over time, so check back in from time to time.

But for now, enjoy the ride...........All Aboard!


This video, by "Carl's Trains", presents an overview of my home layout. See Galleries and Video Link sections for more images and videos.